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The Shoreway Group Team of Real Estate Experts sitting in front of a window overlooking Cleveland.
Kathleen Bassett
CEO and Licensed Broker

Kathleen Bassett

Kathleen Bassett is the Founder and CEO of Shoreway Realty Group and a Founding Partner at DK Global Investments. Her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership have not only carved a significant niche in the real estate industry, but have also earned her a feature in "Real Producer" Magazine, highlighting her and her passion for working closely with investors to help them define and meet their financial objectives. Kathleen is dedicated to cultivating long-term relationships with her clients, focusing on the importance of listening and paying meticulous attention to the details of each transaction. Her commitment to excellence is evident in her approach to business, where she consistently strives to be the professional who ensures client satisfaction and repeat engagement with Shoreway Realty Group. Kathleen's ability to understand her clients' needs and her dedication to serving them with integrity and professionalism make her a respected figure in the real estate community.

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