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Dajana Taylor
Director of Marketing

Dajana Taylor

Dajana Taylor is a highly successful entrepreneur and businesswoman, leading the way for other ambitious individuals to create positive changes in their lives and the lives of others. With her innovative ventures and strategic investments, Dajana offers a fresh perspective to the world of investors through her diverse portfolio. Starting in the oil industry, she pushed herself and those around her to new heights, resulting in a solid foundation for her numerous successful ventures. Her experience working with top athletes in the NBA and NFL sets her apart in the investment field, providing her with unique insights into managing their finances effectively.

Balancing her work and personal life with the support of her husband and three sons, Dajana is driven to be a caring and influential presence in their lives while also being a savvy and forward-thinking investor. Just as she cares for her own family, she will also care for her Shoreway Realty Family.

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