What Potential Tenants Need to Know Before They Rent a House

Kathleen Bassett
Kathleen Bassett
March 28, 2024
min read

You’re looking for a new place to rent. You’ve likely already got an idea of your target neighborhoods or area in to move, your target price range, and weather you’ll be living alone or with living with someone else. These are all on the list of decisions to make. But your choices don’t stop there.Whole browsing prospective rentals, you’ll want to assert yourself and really check out the details of what may become your new home. Do all the light switches and outlets function? And the plumbing? You have every right to test each and every knob, switch and nozzle to ensure everything functions within expected parameters. If the sink is slow to drain, the toilet won’t flush, the water pressure is bad, or light fixtures don’t work, it’s best to address such issues before signing any rental agreement with the landlord.Do the walls need painting, or the carpet cleaned? Are the appliances included, and are they in working order? Are pets permitted, and do you have any? Again, it is perfectly reasonable and expected to talk about these topics before signing the lease agreement. You’ll also want to have a good understanding of your landlord’s financial expectations for occupying the rental space and money expected upfront, as property owners are welcome to negotiate security deposits as they wish.While you’re taking a close look at your possible new digs, realize that your new landlord or landlady is going to be taking a close look at you, too. You’ll need to disclose your income, proving you’ll be able to pay your rent agreement, which may include your consent to view your credit report. You’ll also be asked to disclose your history of evictions, and since this information can be looked up, it’s best to be honest about any difficulty you’ve encountered in the past with breaking rental agreements.In the event you find a location that fits your budget and lifestyle, be sure to read your rental agreement thoroughly when it comes time to sign it. Ask questions to clarify any terms of the agreement you do not fully understand.

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