How to Find The Right Real Estate Investing Mentor For You

Kathleen Bassett
Kathleen Bassett
March 28, 2024
min read

When you are just starting out trying to learn and educate yourself on the ins and outs of real estate investing, it can appear like a huge undertaking at first, but with the right mentor by your side, real estate investing can proof very profitable and educational and well worth it in the long run. Here is some words of wisdom on how to choose the right real estate investing mentor for you: Be sure you are pursuing the correct mentor. The person you have in mind may be licensed and selling homes for a living, but as an investor, s/he may not have the big picture overview required to invest in your target neighborhoods. Do a little research about your contact, and ask questions that get down to the nitty-gritty of your eventual investment goals. If your real estate mentor does not look for the sorts of properties and deal details that you will be seeking, his or her lack of investment experience may lead you in the wrong direction. Waiting for the right person to learn from is the most important first step you’ll take at this juncture. How may I serve? This is perhaps the most important question to keep in mind when breaking the ice with your potential real estate mentor. Whether the mentor you have in mind is a licensed realtor or an investor, they have very busy schedules that require a lot of their time. So open the conversation with offers to boost their productivity by helping out in way they need. Don’t think yourself as above the small tasks. If you’re serious about real estate investing, at some point you will need to swing a broom or a mop, answer calls, run errands, investigate new property leads and more. Be willing to do these for your mentor, and you will give him or her a reason to fit you into their routine while you pitch in and learn. Keep your resume current. You never know which skills your real estate mentor may be short on. If you are a wiz-kid with computers, social media, or have some expertise in areas your mentor does not, now is the time to bring these aspects of your resume out on the open to be put to work. Not everyone can do everything, and splitting up specialty tasks is a great way to be part of an established team with experience. New business is always needed. Every investor wants the next new deal. If you have the ability to generate new business and open the door to new deals, you will find your value increasing very quickly in the real estate game. Whatever sort of investing your real estate mentor does, you would be wise to try your hand at bringing new business to the table and learning how it all plays out by the time you’ve given it to your mentor.

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