Downtown Cleveland Development

“The Cleveland you see today is different from the Cleveland you may have heard about in the past. We are making strides towards becoming a “Green City on a Blue Lake,” complete with neighborhoods of choice for both young professionals and families to live in, tremendous food and entertainment options, and, most importantly, an increasingly affordable and connected environment to start and grow businesses.”

Frank G. Jackson
Mayor, City of Cleveland

Housing Market Update

1,700 new apartments since 2011

97% occupancy rate (from 91% in 2011)

$1.38 average cost per square foot
(from $1.05 in 2011)

2,346 new units planned for downtown
from 2016 – 2018


Downtown Renovations

Public Square renovations to be completed by June 2016

After successful Phase I and II The Flats East Bank development project will go into a Phase III including plans for retail and a movie theater