Tips for a Successful Open House

Kathleen Bassett
Kathleen Bassett
March 28, 2024
min read

Your realtor has done this many, many times before. This may be your first open house, it may not be. But don’t worry, either way, we’ve got your back! Here are a few open house ideas you will want to discuss with your realtor:

  1. The Internet has changed the rules about marketing your real estate listings. 92% of all home shoppers use the Internet exclusively to search for prospects. This does not mean you should skip putting an ad in the local paper, but it does not bring in as many people as it used to. Do be sure to create signs to post around the neighborhood too.
  2. Plan your open house during the first days and weekend of your listing. When your realtor puts you into the MLS (Multiple Listing Service), it will be at its peak for visibility for shoppers. The MLS syndicates your listing right away to sister websites such as Zillow and, so be sure your timing coincides with your home being the new attraction in town.
  3. Do not be discouraged if the turn out is small. Only 1 in 5 homes sell during an open house. Even still, it is much better to let your potential buyers know they are welcome to pop in, especially at the start of your property’s listing.
  4. The only reason to put off an open house is if your home is not presentable and ready to show. But your real estate agent can help you get everything ready before your home goes on the market, so take his or her advice, and make the effort required to set things up right. Don’t forget to organize your closets while you’re at it, and have your “curb appeal” in top-notch condition.
  5. Don’t forget to secure your valuable belongings before welcoming open house guests to your home. Easily pocketed items such as jewelry, or prescription drugs should be kept out of site, all drawers on dressers and desks should be completely closed. It is also a good idea to downplay your personal style when selling your home, so you may want to minimize your personal decor during viewing sessions so your buyer can imagine their own style in the home.
  6. You will want to point out the highlights of your property to prospective buyers. Creating a flyer to hand out is a common tactic, but you may want to consider offering this information in electronic form instead of a take-home flyer. Your real estate agent can collect contact information from your visitors and send them your flyer in a text message or email, increasing the chances that there will be further communication with the interested parties.
  7. Be engaged with your visitors. Set out snacks and drinks, stay off of your phone, and be friendly. You and your realtor should be “in the zone” and offer your open house guests every opportunity to have your full attention.

Your realtor will guide you through this process, one step at a time. So cast your worries aside, and get ready for your big debut!

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