Rehab & Sell Program

If you are looking for quick cash flow and a way to beat the stock market, this program is for you. Our returns are real and supported by public docs. (link to yellow sheet) We have 20 years of experience locating opportunities for our investors, negotiating the purchase of these properties, rehabbing them, and finally to reselling c these properties at maximum prices. We devote alot of time analyzing the market, so we can produce the greatest dollars for your investments.

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Great Property on Delaware

Delaware Road

Great Project in Euclid, Ohio. A desirable, quiet neighborhood, and large cape cod was a great match as this project was a winner — click image for more details.

Purchase Price: $42,000

Rehab Costs:  $19,000

Resale Price: $84,900


Cleveland Heights 6bed/2bath

Maple Road

Beautiful, large two-family residence in excellent suburban setting.

Cleveland Heights 6bed/2bath
Cleveland Heights 6bed/2bath
Purchase Price: $70,000

Rehab Costs: $29,500

Projected Resale Price: $142,000

Download an Investment & Financial Summary: MapleHU1